Building eco-houses

The SolarCity team has the honor to work with renowned architect Gernot Minke.

Under his coordination, the SolarCity ecological village will be build. For starting the first constructions, the SolarCity team was involved in a two-day meeting with Gernot Minke, during which the sketches for the first two ecological village constructions were made.

The next steps for implementing the plan are:

Realization of the foundation for the two main buildings
Construction of the two buildings:

Project number 1 – the conference room
The conference room

Project number 2 – office and living

The construction of the houses will begin in April 2019. For their realization, we will announce the following workshops to which you can sign up:

Title: Making a Hogan roof
Period: 1-15 April 2019 – exact confirmation of the period will be communicated later

Title: Construction with straw and yellow ground
Period: 23 – 26 May 2019

Title: Making green roofs
Period: June 2019

These workshops will be facilitated by the well-known professor and engineer in ecological construction, Mr. Gernot Minke. In the near future we will announce also other workshops in which you can learn to build ecological homes.

More details about these workshops will be published in the coming months. If you are interested and interested to participate, please write to or call us at (004) 0746223525 – Katharina Hain (EN, FR, RO, ES, DE).